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Land of Remembrance

Fortress of mimoyecques (Landrethun the north)

The fortress of Mimoyecques is a former bunker of the Second World War located in the hamlet of Mimoyecques on the territory of the commune of Landrethun-le-Nord in the French department of Pas-de-Calais. Wiese ("prairie") and Bauvorhaben 711 ("construction project 711"), was built by Nazi Germany between 1943 and 1944 to house a battery of cannon V3 aimed at London.

Coupole d’Helfaut (Helfaut)

"La coupole d'Helfaut-Wizernes", or "coupole d'Helfaut", is a bunker of the Second World War, now a center of History and Memory, located in the commune of Helfaut, near Saint-Omer Pas-de-Calais). From code names Bauvorhaben 21 and Schotterwerk Nordwest, it was built by Nazi Germany between 1943 and 1944 to serve as a launching pad for the V2 rockets aimed at London and the South of England.

Battery Todt (Audinghen)

The Todt Battery is a German Second World War coastal artillery battery located at Cape Gris-Nez. It was one of the largest coastal batteries of the Atlantic Wall, equipped with four 380 mm naval guns with a maximum range of 55.7 kilometers, thus reaching the English coast and each protected by a large casemate Of reinforced concrete.

Museum 39 /45 (Ambleteuse)

Discover a surprisingly rich museum on the whole of the Second World War, thousands of exhibits, soldiers of different armies put in situation, from the Polish campaign to the Hiroshima bomb.

Tourist attraction

Nausicaa (Boulogne-sur-mer)

With more than 600,000 visitors a year, it is one of the most important tourist sites in northern France (the first in the region, second in the north of Paris1, which hopes to become the "largest aquarium in Europe "With its planned expansion for 2018).

The saint joseph Village (Guines)

Parc St-Joseph-Village offers an inter-generation exit. Discover your roots, during a stroll in a charming village of the 1900s. An excursion rich in discoveries, laughter and emotions. Verdant and warm, the village is nestled by the ponds of the swamp of Guînes, near CALAIS. A faithful and careful reconstruction carried out by craftsmen, which makes this place an impressive site of realism. We come there, in all peace and conviviality. An exit to note in your diaries ...

Canals of Saint-Omer

The marsh audomarois covers 15 communes in the Pas-de-Calais and the North and covers an area of 35 km2 (3,726 hectares), making it the largest wetland in the region. It was home to 1,050 ha of wet grassland, 436 ha of market gardening land and 171 ha of reed beds.

Fortified town of Boulogne-sur-mer

The fortified site of the 13th century the best preserved of the north of France. Born between 1227 and 1231 by Count Philippe Hurepel, son of King Philippe Auguste, the medieval fortifications were superimposed on the successive walls of the Roman camp of the "Classis Britannica". The four doors, whose location has hardly changed since Antiquity, allow access to the walkway, very pleasant walk that offers beautiful views over the city and flower gardens at the foot of the ramparts.

Terre sportive

GR littoral 120

This trail runs along the French coast of the Bay of Authie to the Belgian border at Bray -Dunes by crossing the major ports like Boulogne, Calais and Dunkerque, the seaside resorts (Berck, Hardelot, Le Touquet) Caps. In reality this GR is a piece of the European trail E9, which parks the European coastline of Portugal to Estonia and Russia! Ie 5000km via Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland but some stretches are not yet available.

Horseback riding (Audembert audinghen)

The village of Audembert is located on the Côte d'Opale, between Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer. More precisely, Audembert is located at the end of the Fosse Boulonnaise, south-east of Wissant, sitting at the foot of the escarpments of Mount of Couple.

Electric bike rides (Audinghen)

Throughout the year, the Maison du Site des 2 Caps will be your starting point for discovering or rediscovering without a car this Deux-Caps site! By day or half day, by classic bikes or electric assistance, and Nordic walking or just walking, it will be up to you!

Exit at sea (The florelle in Boulogne-sur-mer)

Lift the moorings and enjoy the moment of a walk at sea. You will kiss with a single glance the harbor of Boulogne as only the sailors can admire it ... With a minimum of 10 people, it is also possible to make an exit " sea fishing ".

Many hiking and mountain biking trails

The region offers many hiking trails on the one hand but also many mountain bike routes. Alone or with friends, or even with family, you can enjoy the pretty courses not far from the hotel.